3 Interesting Things That You Need To Know About the Pianos

Most people see the pianos as a common and simple musical instrument. However, they did not know that the pianos have a significant history, wonderful characteristics, and interesting background. Therefore, if you are now encouraged to know this amazing musical instrument much better, you can continue reading the article.

Given on the list below are some of the interesting things which you need to know about the pianos or keyboards.

1. It Was First Invented In 1698
First of these interesting things is that the piano was first invented in the year of 1698 which is about 320 years from this time. The name of the inventor is Bartolomeo Cristofori who is a musical instrument maker in the country of Italy. In spite of the year stated, the piano is still considered as a new musical instrument on the percussion class.

2. It Is Known As a Versatile Musical Instrument
As you might not know, the piano is known as a very versatile musical instrument since that it can play both accompaniment and melody all together. In addition to that, a piano player can also play in the piano like Roland FP 30, the lowest tone ranges up to the tone ranges in the highest form. Furthermore, the piano is called by the music experts as a king of all musical instruments.

3. It Has One That Is Most Expensive In The World
Lastly, you need to know that the piano has one which is considered as the most expensive in the world. It is called “Crystal Piano” because of its beautiful and elegant transparent design. The person who designed this very expensive piano is Heintzman Pianos who is a manufacturer of pianos in Canada. This very expensive piano was sold in the auction for a price of $ 3.22 million.
You can learn more about pianos by researching, either on the internet or in the resource facilities.