3 Best Ways to Maintain a Piano That You Should Know


Pianos come at different prices, depending on the brand and quality of it. There are some that are expensive and high-priced while some have reasonable and affordable prices. However, whatever price you have paid for your piano, it is very important that you should take good care of it and maintain its good condition because, at the end of the day, all pianos are considered precious and valuable musical instruments. You can read the list below for you to know some of the best ways to maintain a piano.

What follows is the list of the best ways that you have to do to your piano so that you can maintain its good condition.

1. Clean the Piano’s Exterior
One of these best ways to maintain the piano is to clean and wipe the exterior of the piano regularly. Just like any other furniture at home, the piano gets dirt and dust as well so it is necessary that you have to wipe the dust and dirt from the exterior surface of the piano with the use of a clean cloth. On the other hand, it is advisable that you should not clean the interior of the piano and instead, let the piano technician do the cleaning for you. The piano’s interior is a very complicated area as it contains several moving parts of the piano. Furthermore, you should also clean and wipe the piano’s keys with the use of a clean cloth which is lightly moistened. Never put liquids on the piano as well such as drinks, fish bowls, sprays, and flower vases with water to initially avoid the accident of spilling these liquids on the piano.

2. Tune the Piano All the Time
Another best way to maintain a piano such as a Roland FP 30 is to tune the piano regularly so that it will remain in tune throughout a year. Manufacturers of these amazing musical instruments highly suggest that the piano should undergo initial tunings for at least four times throughout its first year of usage and at least two times of tunings every year afterward. It is very necessary for all the pianos to undergo tunings since that the pitch of it usually falls because of the contraction and swelling of the soundboard of the piano.

3. Keep the Piano Away From Moisture and Sunlight
Lastly, one more best way to maintain the excellent and good condition of the piano is to keep it away from the elements of moisture and sunlight. You have to know that moisture is the main reason why the several metal parts or components of the piano gets damage which leads to corrosion, deterioration, and rust. While it is advisable that you should never put the piano in a place where direct sunlight is present since that this element can warp, crack, and fade the finish of the piano.

You can talk with a professional piano technician to know more ways to maintain a piano.
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